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The SMART Board interactive whiteboard transforms your Classroom, Meeting or Training Space into an interactive working and learning environment. With the combined power of a Projector, Computer and Whiteboard you can do everything you do on your computer - and more. Simply touch the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to highlight key points, access applications and Websites.

  • Touch the Screen to control your computer
  • Write in Electronic Ink
  • Save, Print or e-mail Notes
  • Highlight Key information with easy-to-use tools
  • Easy to e-mail a file
  • SMART Board Notebook allows you to save a notebook file in .html or .jpg format, so it will take less space in your hard disk.

SMART Board connected to a computer and combined with a projector, the Rear Projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard allows you to simply touch the screen to access computer based materials. You can pick up a pen to write notes or annotate over top of applications and work naturally at the board without casting a shadow. The Rear Projection SMART Board interactive any computer into a powerful presentation and collaboration tool.

Simply touch the interactive whiteboard to select menu options, open files, navigate the Web or move objects. Anything you can do with a mouse, you can do with your finger.

To emphasize or add information to a point, you can write over top of any application or website in electronic ink. You can then capture the annotation or touch the screen to make it disappear.

Use the handwriting recognition feature to convert your handwriting to text. You can convert notes written in Notebook software or over top of Microsoft Excel or Word files.

Open the floating tools for quick and easy access to your most common tasks, including virtual pen tray tools, creating shapes, and capturing, cleaning or restoring annotations. You can also customize the tools palette and save your changes by creating a user profile.

Use the Spotlight feature to hide the entire screen, except for a spotlighted area. You can still access applications, files or websites by clicking on icons in the spotlighted area.

With SMART Recorder, you can record everything you do on the interactive whiteboard or lectern, then replay the entire lesson, presentation or meeting . Add a microphone to include audio! Pause or stop the recording at any time. The file can be saved in standard formats such as AVI  (Windows) or MOV (Macintosh)

Using SMART Video Player (Windows) or Quick Time Player (Macintosh), you can write over moving or still video from sources such as VCRs, DVD players and computer files. Freeze frames and save or clear annotations.


  • Pentium 150 MHz Processor (Pentium-II processor or later recommended)
  • 48 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • Windows NT 4.0 (SP-6), Windows 98SE operating system or later
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space for complete installation
  • Power Macintosh Computer
  • 350 MHz Processor
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X operating system software v10.1 or later
  • 25 MB of free hard disk space for complete installation
NOTE : Other versions of SMART Board Software are available for UNIX and LINUX systems, as well as for earlier Windows and Macintosh Operating System.







Check out what we have for you in our latest AVer Vision 530 document Camera. Aside from being a multi-purpose document camera that is designed to aid in getting your ideas across to your audiences by displaying any printed document, photo, slides, X-ray film, or

3D objects on to any LCD/DLP projector or monitors; to enhance your presentation with the added useful and friendly features by optical 12 times (1200%) and digital 8 times (800%) zoom in, auto focus, negative to positive conversion, and timer; and access to all of these features with the infrared remote control. The light box makes your image of documents or objects brighter and more vivid.

AVer Media is rapidly changing the way you manage and enhance your presentation. The AVer Version 530 provides image capture capability and combined with the built in CF/SD card slot, and allows you with a push of a button to record (photograph) and store your handwriting  discussion, strategic planning, or instrumental product demo into high resolution JPEG file (1024x768 pixels). Connectivity wise, AVer Vision 530 can work as card reader using USB interface, you can easily upload and download image files to and from your computer and use it for documentation, archiving and distribution through e-mails. It's  also added with a powerful computerized auto-image focusing feature for sharper image quality.

  • Plug and Play : No Software Required

  • Display 3D objects or Documents onto any Projector/Monitor/TV with DVI/RGB/S-Video/Composite inputs.

  • 12 times (1200%) Optical and 8 times (800%) Digital Zoom with Smart Auto Focus System.

  • Platform with a 33 cm and 48 cm height camera view and a stable light box.

  • Camera horizontal mechanism keep image from dformation

  • CCFL/LED Lighting System with Advance Auto Exposure

  • 3 Presentation Mode -- Camera Mode, RGB Mode and Playback Mode

  • PC Camera and Card R/W function through USB transmission

  • Supports Color / Mono / Negative and Night view effects.

  • Graphics/Text Enhancement

  • 2-Level Flicker Filter Control

  • On-Screen Display / Presentation menu

  • Image capture and playback through CF, SD Memory Card

  • Image Sensor : 1/3" Color CCD 850K (1077H x 788V)
  • Focal length : 5.4-64.8mm (12x Optical Zoom)
  • Focal Range : 33cm & 48cm
  • Iris : F1.8-2.7
  • Video Outputs : 15-pin D-Sub/DVI/Composite/S-Video
  • Resolution : Effective : 1024 (H) x 768 (V)
    Total : 1077(H) x 788(V)
  • Pixel Count : Effective : 790K - total : 850K
  • Power Supply : 12V DC Power Adapter
  • Display Outputs : DVI; 15pin D-Sub Adapter (VGA); CVBS, S-Video
  • Light Source : Two CCFL Lamps & Light Box
  • Shooting Area : 400mm x 300mm
  • Memory Card Type : CF & SD CArd (16MB-512MB)
  • PC Signal Transmission : USB 1.1 & RS-232
  • Operating Temperature : 0oC to 40oC (30oF to 104oF)
  • Dimensions : Base Unit : 480mm,(L) x 435mm(W) x 550mm(H)
  • Remote Unit : 150mm (L) x 45mm(W) x 20mm(H)
  • Weight : Base Unit : 10Kg.
  • Remote Unit : 0.2 Kg.
  • Warranty : 3 Year Parts and Labour
  • Compliance : FCC Class B, CE, UL


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